Museum Morsbroich

with the artists Margit Czenki / Christoph Schäfer, Schirin Kretschmann, Harald F. Müller, Gabriela Oberkofler, Antje Schiffers, Tilo Schulz and Andrea Wolfensberger as well as Christian Jacobs (cultural consultant) and André Pradtke (entrepreneur); hosted by Jörg van den Berg (director), Fritz Emslander (curator), Lucia Riemen- schnitter (art mediator) and Thekla Zell (curator).

In spring 2022, Museum Morsbroich invited seven artists and two other co-thinkers to accompany the transformation process that has begun at Morsbroich over a period of several years. The museum sees itself as the centrepiece of the entire unique ensemble of palace, remises, inner garden and outer park with the two ‘neighbours’ Kunstverein Leverkusen and Obstgut Morsbroich.

The Morsbroich Workshop would like to lead the entire complex into a future under the premise of art. The arts of the present day have crossed every boundary in recent decades and have become involved in every conceivable segment of our society. The Museum Morsbroich sees this as an opportunity to develop such a complex ensemble as Morsbroich entirely out of the thinking of art. The aim is to realise Morsbroich as a total work of art and thus to offer the city of Leverkusen, its citizens and guests a new dimension of a public space for thought and discourse, a place of rest and a playground for togetherness.