Haus am Rain. 2022
Intervention in situ
Carmen Perrin and Andrea Wolfensberger
Trudelhaus Baden, 6 February to 3 April 2022

600 books
2 survival blanket
1 ton of soil

Fotos Kaspar Ruoff

Carmen Perrin and Andrea Wolfensberger, guest artists at the Trudelhaus in Baden, have chosen to confront the architecture of the exhibition rooms together. The conversion and construction in 1969 by the future ETH professor Adrian Meyer is considered to be an important witness to a modern revival in Baden, the gallery and restaurant have remained largely unchanged in their structure and interior design to this day. Carmen Perrin and Andrea Wolfensberger transform the exhibition space into a habitable sculpture. After entering the exhibition via the external bridge, the visitor is greeted by a wooden threshold that accompanies him or her into the interior, like a first lookout point. The original walls of the exhibition have been modified by precise incisions so that daylight and unusual views are suddenly possible on parts of the landscape or certain elements of the architecture that change in appearance. A column layered with thousands of pages of books seems to cross the first two floors. Through two windows, the wind blows towards us, inflating a thin transparent film, in an airy and noisy game of clattering. In the lowest room, the softness of a garden lets the smell of wet earth filter through. The two artists see their joint project in the Trudelhaus on the one hand as a confrontation with architecture and landscape, but also as a call to take a closer look at what already exists.