Yes. I do!
Corrugated cardboard, shellac
75 x 166 x 133 cm

Hall of Mirrors Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen
Photos: Thomas Koster, Cologne

As part of the workshop Morsbroich 2022-26, Andrea Wolfensberger is working on a site-specific sculpture ensemble for the historic Hall of Mirrors based on the spoken sound recordings of the words “Yes” and “No”. The sound recordings used come from people in Leverkusen who have given a clear yes or a clear no verbally. These were recorded digitally. In this way, Andrea Wolfensberger refers both to the wedding ceremonies regularly conducted by the Leverkusen registry office in the Hall of Mirrors and to the museum’s lecture and discussion events.

The basis of the first realised object Yes, I do (2022) is a polyphony, since only in very few cases in life is there an absolute “yes” or an absolute “no”. Depending on the viewer’s point of view, the structure of the chosen material – the corrugated cardboard – allows views, appears transparent and light or heavy and opaque. The object can be used as a wedding or discussion table, but can also be turned in all directions and repositioned so that different sculptural settings can be made in the mirrored hall of the Museum Morsbroich.